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what could replace innoventions?

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  • what could replace innoventions?

    Ok.. IMO, I think Innoventions should be replaced with something else,after 10 years innoventions has become a very little popular attraction stating from what I have seen in the 2 times I have seen the attraction

    1997-98 opening- 2 floors with tons of interactive shows,games, a robot named TOM during the spinning into the attraction,video game demos,animation desk demo,and tons of medical stuff.this place was crowded with tons of people which is some areas made it hard to get to some areas

    3/17/08-1 floor ,very little interactivity now with face wapring games,Newsreels,a small energy game,driving games,a character photo op spot(which was stitch since the game was 626 escape,but what does stitch have to do with TL?)and yes, VMK arcade cabinets,which due to the announcement,will leave soon.No TOM(if thats the robots name at the beginning,and a couple areas closed for the day or noone working the area.Also there were also about a very small amount of people in the attraction too.

    What do you think should replace the attraction?
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    Re: what could replace innoventions?

    I honestly think that the building should be on the list of things to demo. I know, it's sad but the building has done what It's built to do and now the building is a waste of space. I think tearing it down will give us room to build another great attraction.
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      Re: what could replace innoventions?

      I like Innoventions, but sadly, I agree that it does need to go.

      I wouldn't know what to put in there though.


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        Re: what could replace innoventions?

        The footprint is certainly big enough to put a sizable attraction there, and I agree that Innoventions really isn't a very satisfying use of the space. One idea I've been working on lately is an attraction that involves disembarking partway through and boarding another vehicle as part of the same attraction. Might work in the revolving theater...not sure. Still thinking about it.


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          Re: what could replace innoventions?

          JUST ABOUT anything would be better than Innoventions. I have only been in there a couple of times, and the trips turned out to be very brief. I don't find it interesting or innovative in the slightest. There is so much potential for that area, but alas it is being wasted on Innoventions. (Just my opinion)


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            Re: what could replace innoventions?

            JUST ABOUT anything would be better than Innoventions.
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              Re: what could replace innoventions?

              I've never been in there myself.. I wanted to last time But I didn't make it.
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                Re: what could replace innoventions?

                A revolving dinner theater.

                This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                  Re: what could replace innoventions?

                  I would love to see them bring back another fully AA show in the style of America Sings. With the improvements there have been to AA over the years, I bet it would be amazing.

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                    Re: what could replace innoventions?

                    You are aware of course as has been mentioned here many times and can be seen at the building for months now that Innoventions IS going thru a major overhaul??

                    All of the bottom floor and about half of the top floor at least are being redone mostly as a new House of Tomorrow based loosely on the EPCOT version.

                    So this is moot it IS being redone as we read/write this... to open soon

                    however I think what should go in there is an all new Carousel of Progress, using the original song and similar style but with maybe the following time periods instead:


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                      Re: what could replace innoventions?

                      America Sings !!

                      I know, I know.... But, not everybody likes to get wet, and it's hard to see the critters with waterdrops on your glasses!
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                        Re: what could replace innoventions?

                        I didn't know you got wet in America Sings??
                        Anyways I'm all for a new idea in the Innoventions space. It would be nice if they could use the same building. What are they gonna do with Tom Morrow?

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                          Re: what could replace innoventions?

                          Knock down the building and build a new E-Ticket ride.


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                            Re: what could replace innoventions?

                            Carousel of Progress bring it back)))))))))))))))))) I wish I had gotten to see this, that would be awsome to have it in Disneyland !!


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                              Re: what could replace innoventions?

                              I thought Wall-E is going in there


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