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Last minite trip plans

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  • [Question] Last minite trip plans

    Well my wife and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary and she wants to return to Disneyland. Our last trip was in February and it was cold wet and the kids were miserable. SHE DOESNT WANT TO BRING THE KIDS THIS TIME.

    We would be going over the veterans day weekend from Friday until Tuesday. We don't need to stay close and wouldn't mind staying a few miles away as we may get a better room for a better price. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Last minite trip plans

    You should look into the Anabella hotel, I understand they've given very good rates to MiceChatters before, and they're pretty close to DL.

    And happy anniversary!
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      Re: Last minite trip plans

      Well, I would either go to a nicer place near the beach or stay in the resort dist, you can probably find a pretty good price and not have to drive. To me it's not worth the amount you'd save to stay outside of the resort district.
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        Re: Last minute trip plans

        The thing is, even if you get a cheaper room out of the resort district, you'll spend the difference on gas there and back, as well as parking. Don't forget: it costs $12 just to park at DL!
        I can recommend the Candy Cane Inn. It's in the $120+ range, but it's the best value for the money. Well appointed rooms, big breakfast selection, dedicated shuttle.
        If that's out of your budget, there are three or four Best Westerns in the immediate area.
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          Re: Last minite trip plans

          my fave rave is the candy cane inn. it is right "next to" the park, so is easy walking distance. it is ALWAYS tidy, and they offer discounts for AAA and so forth. last time i was there, they gave me a discount coupon for my next visit and the coupon can be combined with AAA discount.

          hope you have fun. happy anniversary.


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            Re: Last minite trip plans

            The Tropicana isnt bad at all, its right across the street from Disneyland

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              Re: Last minite trip plans

              I like to use priceline.


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