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Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

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  • [Question] Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

    We've always stayed at the Paradise Pier and have been very satisfied. This trip (tomorrow) we went ahead and went for the DLH. The pool looks like a lot of fun, and we just wanted to try something new. Generally when I have priced it, it has been about $400 a week more, so if you see it low like less then $200, I'd book it! When we booked we had good luck and it was about $38 difference! Hence why we took the plunge to stay there this time. I am sure either way you go you will be happy! I know a lot of people don't care as much for the Paradise Pier and the DLH, but it has served us well in the past! Good luck!


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      Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

      Just so you know you can use any of the three pools, by staying at one of the hotels, so Paradise Pier, DLH or Grand Californian, won't matter. You just show your pass they issue you, which also should get you early entry into the park any of the days you are staying that the park has early entry. Also that pass will let you get into California Adventure via the interior entrance within the Grand Californian, you will be able to charge to your room at all three hotels and from within both parks, you can take part in the Grand Californian story time by their big fireplace in the lobby, etc. Just ask when you check into which ever hotel you check into and you will see that you get to enjoy the same amenities at all three as if you were staying in them. A big bonus for those staying at Paradise Pier, since the rooms are less there.
      Now, I have stayed at all three hotels, but am partial to the DLH, mostly from a nostalgia standpoint. However, know that you are closer to both parks staying at Paradise Pier then if you stay at DLH, you are even closer to the Monorail staying at the Paradise Pier as you are in some of the banks of the DLH.
      End result, I would probably stay at the Paradise Pier, and have a breakfast with the Characters at Goofy's Kitchen (in the DLH) with your savings...ENJOY


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        Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

        We stayed at the Paradise Pier in December and it was complaints whatsoever. We had the Surfs Up breakfast with mickey and that was great too! Price wise...Paradise Pier is the most economical but I would also like to visit some of the other on site hotels. If you decide to stay at the Disneyland hotel you can request to stay in the dreams tower since this is the 1st of the three towers to undergo the new room rennovations and should be completed by the end of June (I have been told by disney staff that it is just about complete now). We will be staying there this September also and since the price was right decided to upgrade to the conceirge level:yea:

        Whether you decide to stay at the PP or DLH I am sure you will have a great time. A character meal is a must...the children will love it (and you too!).
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          Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

          I stay at one of the resort hotels on average about 8 - 10 times per year. We don't have any kids (I'm just a big kid myself). We normally stay at Paradise Pier because it is a little less expensive and has BY FAR the most convenient parking for the hotel. We also really like PCH Grill restaurant and have our dinner there before we drive back home.

          I've stayed in the newly remodeled rooms at the Disneyland Hotel and the older themed rooms. Both of them are very nice. The older rooms are actually better themed for children than the new ones. The new rooms are very elegant and more mature in their interior design.

          The Disneyland Hotel definitely has better theming both in the rooms, lobby and pool. Steakhouse 55 is also an outstanding restaurant. It is also closer to the parks and to the monorail entrance which can become a very big difference in walking after long days in the parks. That extra 200 yards can seem very long.

          If I were to take children to the resort and want to give them all the magic possible, without doubt and with no hesitation whatsoever, I would spend the extra money and stay at the Disneyland Hotel. The pool itself and the proximity to the monorail and parks will make it worth the money.

          On my flickr page I have pictures of each of the hotels so you can compare them, but in my opinion, there would be no need to compare. Disneyland Hotel all the way, especially for the children.
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            Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

            I never thought I would say this, because I absolutely fell in love with the Disneyland Hotel the first time I stayed there...

            ...but while the Disneyland Hotel has a certain bit of magic that is unexplainable, this year we stayed at the Paradise Pier (the cost difference was huge) and other than the pool, I can't say I missed anything at the Disneyland Hotel. It was great to walk to the DLH and walk around, but I found that on other trips, after the first day's trip through the waterfall grotto and the Koi Pond, we never did it again.

            So staying at the Paradise Pier we still visited the grotto, but instead were treated to a great view of DCA and World of Color testing. And if I were given a choice (other than the fact that I want to try the Grand to say I've stayed at them all) I would choose the Paradise Pier again.


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              Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

              I vote for Paradise Pier Hotel right now, mainly for the construction.

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                Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

                I've stayed at the DL hotel twice now and have enjoyed it. Being close to the monorail station was welcome relief at the end of each day. I havent yet stayed at Paradise Pier, but I'd have no problem staying at the DL Hotel even with the current refurb ongoing.


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                  Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

                  If this is your first time staying at either, I'd say go with the DLH this trip while your kids are little and the Paradise Pier next trip when your kids are a little older.

                  They're both great in similar and different ways.


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                    Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

                    I've stayed at The Grand Californian four times and The Disneyland Hotel about 20 times but have not yet stayed at Paradise Pier. Most of the time we can choose any of the three hotels and we usually choose The Disneyland Hotel.

                    There really is something about the magic you feel there. The Neverland Pool is our absolute favorite of any hotel. I think with young kids you'll be very happy staying there, though I can't really contrast it with Paradise Pier.
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                      Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

                      Thanks everyone for your response and I'm excited that I put the deposit down last night for the Disneyland Hotel. I think I'm more excited then the kids. I remember being a kid and riding over on the Monorail to the Disneyland Hotel, when the Monorail used to stop at the Hotel and always wished we were staying there.


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                        Re: Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier

                        I have a question, out of the 3 Disney hotels, which has the most disneyland feel to the hotel/room itself?


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