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Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

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  • [Question] Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

    I have an 8pm reservation for Blue Bayou on June 13. I am not really interested in dinner, just the experience and the atmosphere. I grew up going to WDW every summer and Pirates is my all time favorite ride (along with Mr Toad's Wild Ride) and eating inside the ride has always been on my wish list of things to do. By that time of the night we should have already had dinner. Do they offer some appetizers or desserts that you recommend? Will they charge a split charge if my family splits an appetizer and dessert?


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    Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

    If they still have the chocolate chip cookie boat, I recommend it!
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      Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

      Originally posted by NeverNeverland View Post
      If they still have the chocolate chip cookie boat, I recommend it!
      Unfortunately, I don't believe they do.


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        Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

        Make a reservation to avoid waiting 30 minutes for a table. Ask for a seat near the water, and reask when you check in. To sit by the water you will have to wait about 10-15 minutes for one of those table to open up.

        Normally there is a $12 split plate charge for the main course. You can avoid it by asking for a second plate. This is because when you ask to split the plate each person get the first course(soup or salad) and the main plate is in half with a full serving of sides . If you only get a second plate you would not get that extra food. Not sure what the fee would be for a dessert.

        There is no appetizers, just complimentary bread.

        I've had the chocolate cake, and friend had a cream boulette. There were a few other items on the dessert menu but I can't recall them.
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          Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

          I know they have a type of Creme Brulee and a Chocolate Cake option as well. Sadly, no more cookie boat. That was the best dessert there IMHO. For a long time we were told it would come back, but now we just stop asking. Side note, the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ has a large family sized ice cream over chocolate chip cookie that is pretty darn good.


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            Blue Bayou Dinner Menu -- Disneyland

            If you split a plate, they do charge as it says here. $12. But remember, each person gets a salad or gumbo (which are both yummy) and you can ask for extra cheesy potatoes if you wanted some, they'll bring those free. My brother and I found that splitting dinner worked out really well and didn't leave us too full. Also, just be courteous to the server, and tell them you're there to eat on a budget. I'm sure they'll do their best to accommodate you and give options (maybe a kids menu option? Blue Bayou Child's Menu - Disneyland). Enjoy!
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              Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

              Honestly, I don't know much about their appetizers or desserts! However, I do highly recommend the monte cristo as a main course. Yummy, yummy. My mom and I always share the meal because there is plenty there! We also avoid the split charge because that's just silly. But 8 is a little too late to be eating main courses!

              Anyways, have fun and enjoy your Blue Bayou meal!
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                Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

                I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to a question in the original post:

                Can you go and just order dessert or appetizers?

                We're thinking of going in mainly for atmosphere at, say, 9:30 or something.



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                  Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

                  I know in other restaurants I've used an appetizer as my meal. Haven't done it in BB.
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                    Re: Blue Bayou- Appetizers or desserts?

                    The Blue Bayou does not have appetizers.


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