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  • [Question] Car Rentals

    This might be the wrong place to ask the question, so if so please direct us to the right place. We need to rent a car as we would like to do a daytrip down too Legoland. What is a cheap reputable place to rent a vechile.

    Thank you

    from Canada

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    Re: Car Rentals

    I like Enterprise. I know there is one at the Orange County airport but there might be one closer.


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      Re: Car Rentals

      Check they check several companies for you so you can see the different rates...
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        Re: Car Rentals

        I always recommend Anaheim Rent-A-Car and Anaheim Enterprise for guests staying at my hotel.

        Both of those allow drop offs here. Just elave the keys with me and they come to get the car
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          Re: Car Rentals

          I've had no problems with multiple rentals from Enterprise. Especially during weekends, you can find great rates.


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            Looking For a Car Rentals

            Does anyone know of any good car rental companies that give long term rental discounts? Gonna need a car for at least six months.
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              Re: Car Rentals

              Whenever I need to rent a car, I do so w/ Shat's help on Priceline. He always gets me a deal! I usually rent from the Long Beach Airport and end up paying somewhere in the $27/day range all said n' done.
              Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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