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Classy things to do in the LA area

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  • [Question] Classy things to do in the LA area

    Hey Guys, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section but here I go.

    So my 21st Birthday is in 13 days and I need ideas. I'm thinking of having a weekend long Birthday "event" but can't think of anything beyond the basic premise of counting down to midnight on Friday, Going to Disneyland on Saturday, and caping the weekend off on sunday. I'm not interested in anything over the top, just memorable I just want to expand my realm of experience beyond Disneyland.

    Does anyone know any bars or clubs in LA that would be a cool place to spend with friends? Anything "low key" or "Classy" would do. What do you guys(and gals) do when you want to spend the night out with friends?

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    Re: Classy things to do in the LA area

    I suggest you go to Bar Nineteen 12 at Sunset Blvd. cool place and definitely worth going for.


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      Re: Classy things to do in the LA area

      sounds nice but a bit too exclusive...

      This historic LA hotel boasts a stylish indoor-outdoor lounge with a tight guest-list policy. However, there's not always a need to wheedle your way in: simply stake your claim before the doorman arrives for the 8pm shift.
      however this note on another site has this to say:
      This old-Hollywood hotel has struggled for years to embrace the Vincent Chases of the world while catering to producers who have had the same Polo Lounge table since they were creative execs, dammit,
      Omygod I would love to hob nob with producers and the hollywood elite. I just had my business cards made! may I ask how you know about it?


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