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Disneyland at Christmas time

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  • Disneyland at Christmas time

    Love this site, so much informaton. I do thank you all of you this. Now our question: We are going to try and come to Disneyland on December 20 - 22, 2011. Is this time way to crowed. I do use a wheelchair, or should we wait for Spring Break.
    Thanks, Carolyn

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    Re: Disneyland at Christmas time

    My quick 2 cents: if you can, try to bump up your trip to the first or second week of December. All the xmas decor is up in both parks and it's not nearly as crowded as the two weeks before xmas and the week after. Also right now Disney is offering their Fall Special 30% off of packages. And if you book thru Costco Travel you get the same 30% off, plus some freebies, like a free character dining for each traveler and a $20 Disney gift card.

    I've never been during spring break so I don't have any feedback there... But, good luck!


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      Re: Disneyland at Christmas time

      Christmas time is really packed and even more so if the weather is decent or just dry. Spring break is no better, just as packed and more of chance of nice weather. I think trying to navigate the parks with a wheelchair during those times is going to be pretty challenging, but just my opinion.

      I would go just after Thanksgiving wknd and up to about mid December. Crowds are manageable and the decorations are up if thats what you would like to see. The fall savings offer is good till sometime in December I think.


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        Re: Disneyland at Christmas time

        We went last year earlier in December. I don't remember exact dates but it was around December 12 or so. We were in the parks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was fantastic! But I will say this: Get there as early as possible, opening if you can. The mornings/early afternoons of Thur and Fri were great -- easy wait times, got on LOTS of rides -- but from late afternoon on it was beyond crowded. And Saturday was pretty crowded from mid-morning on.

        In fact, Saturday night we had a Fastpass for Haunted Mansion and ended up pretty much stuck in Pooh's Corner waiting for our time because we just couldn't get through the crowds. But we had dinner there, did our shopping in the little Pooh shop, rode Splash Mountain and rode Winnie the Pooh about three times, lol.

        Overall, I say go! If you can swing mostly weekdays that would be the best thing. And try to go as early as possible.

        Have fun!!!


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