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Sweda cash registers

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  • Sweda cash registers

    I am not really sure which forum I should post this question on so I'll try this one first.
    Does anyone recall the old manual Sweda cash registers the park had until about the late 80's?
    Specifically, I remember that to figure out the taxes owed on a purchase you had to look at the numbers displayed at the top of the register, and look for I think red and green stripes that had painted on certain numbers to tell you to add or subtract a penny from the tax total. These registers were really primitive compared to todays, but does anyone remember how you figured the sales tax on those old Swedas?

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    Re: Sweda cash registers

    I don't know about the Sweda you refer to, but the way we used to figure tax in the pre electronic register days was by using a 'tax chart.' A simple card or piece of paper showing the amount of tax that needed to be collected for each purchase. In one columd would be the amount of the purchase, and in the next was the amount needed to be collected for tax.
    Here's a recent one from the state of Texas:
    Hope that helps!
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      Re: Sweda cash registers

      yeah I remember those old tax charts, but the deal with the SWEDAs was that they could automatically figure out how much tax to charge, but only up to a certain percentage (which if I remember correctly was 6%) but since the tax rate had been raised the machines could not calculate the tax correctly, thats why they had the green and red stripes I was talking about in my original post.


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