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Neat Vintage Alice Attraction Postcard I Stumbled Upon

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  • Neat Vintage Alice Attraction Postcard I Stumbled Upon

    So we all know how difficult it can be to find images of Disneyland Fantasyland dark rides on the inside from before the 80s major overhaul.

    I actually found an Alice in Wonderland attraction postcard on ebay.

    1966 DISNEYLAND ALICE IN WONDERLAND RIDE Postcard - eBay (item 400066472836 end time May-05-10 04:34:23 PDT)

    Neat, huh?

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    Re: Neat Vintage Alice Attraction Postcard I Stumbled Upon

    That is very Neat, I live for this stuff. A+ Awsome


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      Re: Neat Vintage Alice Attraction Postcard I Stumbled Upon

      We got stuck in that very room shown in the postcard, in 1968. The car ahead of us had 4 large adults, and the car wouldn't go up the incline in that room. I had forgotten some of the details, but my sister reminded me recently that we actually ran into their car with a thud. We sat there wondering what to do, then suddenly the giant flowers stopped dancing, and the bright lights went on. I think the music continued. Two employees appeared and tried to push the car with the 4 adults to get it going, but gave up and then escorted them out of the cars and off the track and out of the building. We were allowed to stay in our car, as it was just me, my sister and my Dad. My Mom must have been over listening to Duke Ellington or something. In a minute the white lights went out, the flowers started dancing again, and the empty car in front of use went on empty. A few seconds later our car started up, and we continued through the ride normally. I remember feeling disappointed at the time, thinking it had ruined the ride for us, as it was my first time on that attraction. Now I appreciate the novelty of it. I believe that during the remodel they redesigned the track so that there was no steep section and the change from lower level to upper level was distributed throughout several rooms instead of one room.


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