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  • HOTF Info

    Does anyone know about the availability (or existence, even) of architectural drawings or plans for the Monsanto House of the Future? I'd like to build a scale model of it for a mrr layout, but specific information seems hard to come by.

    Btw, many thanx for this site! I discovered it only today, and the existing HOTF threads are locked already!

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    Re: HOTF Info

    I've seen similar type drawings on line. I don't know the web sites, but I've found them pretty easily via GOOGLE.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: HOTF Info

      Many thanx, sbk1234. I dunno why I didn't think of google. Lots of stuff there, including photos from 1957. I still need to dig deeper to find actual outer dimensions.

      I see that they made lots of changes to the interior by 1960, giving things a more "built in" look. I remember it looking even more different when I first saw it in 1963. Fortunately, the outside look was pretty much the same until they tore it down.

      I can't help wishing they had been able to move it intact to another site. Like, say, the lot my current house (also built in 1957) is on.


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