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Mar. 7, 2008: Disney Stars and Motor Cars

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  • Mar. 7, 2008: Disney Stars and Motor Cars

    This week, Yesterland adds the first entry for Yester Studios — a new category for Disney-MGM Studios / Disney's Hollywood Studios. I'll slowly add more Walt Disney World content, although I expect Disneyland to remain the primary focus of the site.

    The Disney Stars and Motor Cars parade will have its last performance this weekend. It was a good parade. Although it used the tried-and-true formula of having a cavalcade of characters from various different movies, the cars were a nice break from regular parade floats, and they fit well in the Studios park.
    Link to Disney Stars and Motor Cars
    Please discuss it here.
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    Re: Mar. 7, 2008: Disney Stars and Motor Cars

    First of all let me say Werner that I'm sad and excited to now see Yester-Studios be a part of your site. It's exciting, but at the same time I always enjoyed that parade. This was a nice tribute article and due to the fact that I've watched it more times than any of the other WDW parades there are some other things I would like to note about this parade.

    First, the time changed depending upon the season but it did operate daily. Also, characters were grand marshals such as Chicken Little which changed the order of the vehicles. Also, with this parade retiring means the holiday parade is also leaving the Studios. I'm not sure if you want to make a note of that since the floats and characters do get done up a bit for the holidays.


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      Re: Mar. 7, 2008: Disney Stars and Motor Cars

      So...I actually worked at the Studios for 5 months on the college program....and I never once saw the parade. Sad? I think so.


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        Re: Mar. 7, 2008: Disney Stars and Motor Cars

        wats up you guys wat yall doin


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