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  • [Question] Main Street Bakery

    Hello everybody,

    I just got back from my trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan, where I also had the chance to visit Hong Kong Disneyland.

    First of all I liked it, but also have a question for you guys.

    When I went to the Main Street Bakery I noticed that all picutres which can be found on the walls in this Bakery are from "WIEN", which is Vienna and my hometown.

    Does anybody know the story behind the bakery as I tried to ask cast members and City Hall in Hong Kong, but they just told me that this is a place in the US, which it is defenitely not.


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    Re: Main Street Bakery

    I do not know the story behind this... and that is quite interesting. I would like to find out about this as well...


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      as i know that the "owner" of Bakery in Hong Kong Disneyland is an Austrian, so that the Bakery is full of Austrian decoraton.

      actually, each shop in Main Street got its "owner" that immigrants from different countries, and u can tell that from the interior design.
      As euro disney stefan mentioned that the photos in Bakery are from Wien, which is Vianna in Germanic.

      Besides, Cystal Art is owned by Spin immigrants. Jewel shop is owned by Russian.

      I think that Imagineers are tried to show that Hong Kong was a diversification and a multiracial colony.
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        Re: Main Street Bakery

        thank you very much about this information - you are an insider I guess!


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          Re: Main Street Bakery

          I'm just a little Pin Trader in Hong Kong.
          anyway, thanks for your appreaciate~^^


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