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Life as a a disneyland performer

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  • Video Life as a a disneyland performer

    This is a pretty neat little video by CNN on a day in the life of a disneyland performer

    Video - Breaking News Videos from
    "Raiders Suck"
    -Walt Disney

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    Re: Life as a a disneyland performer

    Fun video about Hong Kong Disneyland performers!
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    "With the acquisition of Marvel and now of Lucasfilm,
    Disney may have finally found the grail. You don't need
    imagination or art. All you need is a brand."

    - Neil Gabler


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      Re: Life as a a disneyland performer

      Terrific little segment! That made my morning, thanks!


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        Re: Life as a a disneyland performer

        I've emailed back and forth with Youtube user Applesweeter. She is a young woman from Hong Kong who is a fan of Disney. One thing she's happy about with Disney is their hiring practices are actually more like what we see here in the US. Traditionally, women would never be able to hold the kind of jobs that women can get at Disney. The young woman in this video seems to be alluding to that when she said that she gets opportunities at Disney she can't normally get elsewhere. Women are filling the roles of throughout the resort.


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