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Disneyland in Beijing?

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  • Disneyland in Beijing?

    I just visited Beijing this last spring break and was amayzed by the construction of a Disneyland looking theme park on the outskirts of town. The park is on the road to the Great Wall and has the front facade finished and painted along with the castle under construction but without any finishing touches. I searched google and asked around at DLR and no one has any idea what i'm talking about.

    I have some pictures and will post them soon, Thanks.

    -Tech Services DLR-

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    Perhaps its a knock-off a la Nara Dreamland?


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      My understanding is that Disney is in talks with the Chinese Government to build a Disneyland near Shanghai (or Bejing? I cannot remember which). As the talks have been dragging on Disney has also opened talks with Soeul.


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