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Just got back from Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party

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  • Just got back from Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party

    well.....Just got back from Mickey's 2007 Countdown party.

    They sent out disney characters for meet and greet this year but less live music and less musicians/singers this year than last year.

    I didn't see anyone dancing this year. People just stood in front of the stage like packed sardines. It was packed with people on mainstreet and around the hub. But Fantasyland was definitely not crowded because there weren't any live performances at Fantasyland this year.

    Only Disney knows how many people attended the party tonite. But from what i saw this year and last year. i am making an educated guess that there were more people last year than this year. Crowds were evenly spreaded in the park last year. It was only packed around the hub and on Mainstreet this year.

    regarding Freebies....apparently budget has been cut. We only got 2 items in the gift pack this year compared with 4 items in the gift pack last year. I saw people lining up for the gift pack last year but not this year.

    will post pics later on.
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