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  • [Question] Attraction Posters

    I was wondering if Tokyo Disneyland sells minature attraction posters like the American parks? They are the matted prints about 16 inces x 20 inches i believe. Also, do they have a print on demand system that allows you to purchase the Tokyo versions of such posters? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Attraction Posters

    When I was there Oct/Nov 08 I was looking for the attractions posters and never found any. I also never saw a print on demand at Tokyo.

    Side note if you have used the print on demand at DLR, it has been taken out. You can no longer pick a print and have it printed on site. Now you order it from Company in TX and it will get shipped to your house.
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      Re: Attraction Posters

      They have never sold attraction posters per se but they were selling a line of Fantasyland attraction postcards that were very much miniatures of the fantasyland posters. I posted on that here several months ago, and showed pictures. However, I do not think that those were total reproductions of the actual posters... but very very very similar indeed.


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