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How To Read DeepDisney

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  • [Question] How To Read DeepDisney

    Can anyone tell me how they read DeepDisney? I cannot read Japanese so I have no idea what the bars on the side or body text means.
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    Re: How To Read DeepDisney

    Not sure what you are asking. Since as you said, you can't read Japanese, it is imposible to tell you how to read what it says unless you want to learn Japanese.

    Now if you're wanting to know what is written, you can try copying the Japanese text and run it through online translators. This becomes problematic if the Japanese text happens to be in graphics form and not raw text. This is the case with the menu buttons on the left. I have no advice for you there.

    For the things that are written in text form, you can copy the text and paste it into the following link.

    Romaji Translator at

    This will take the Japanses and convert it to Romaji which is the phoenetic translation using English alphabet characters.

    You then can copy the Romaji words (one at a time) and have them translated to English using the following link.

    Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary

    The problem here is that the Romaji might not be in the root form of the word, in other words, it might be a syntactic derivative of the root based on usage, tense, etc.

    After you get the all the words you could translated to English, you will need to re-order them to adjust for grammatical differences between English and Japanese.

    Might just be easier to learn Japanese.


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      Re: How To Read DeepDisney

      Thank you for the links Roger55. I never knew about those sites.
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        Re: How To Read DeepDisney

        All you need to know is the top red button is the important one.


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          Re: How To Read DeepDisney

          If you're using Firefox, you might like to install Rikichan:
          Rikaichan Project

          Its a very useful tool that translates the phrase your mouse cursor is pointed at on the web page you're reading.


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            Re: How To Read DeepDisney

            Yes, the top tab that also has TDR are usually the current daily photos of the resort when they are updated. After clicking of the first tab & the photos appear- if you click to the right of the top center of the screen- it opens the archives on the left side- then you can click on a date & if there are photos taken on that date, they will show in the middle.

            I've never played with the other tabs, but there is an english version of the photos on the Kimagure TDR (not updates as frequently) tab and the WWDD is their english version of the forums & the Youtube is self explanitory.

            I've fooled around with the other tabs- but don't bother with them much & I really don't understand the photos of the day that show up on the main tabs like pictures of food, sneakers, cars or generic stuff is actually there for.


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              Re: How To Read DeepDisney

              Like jedimaster7313 said there are two English dedicated areas and those are WWDD (World Wide Deep Disney) for English comments and the English Kimagure TDR which has the translated Japanese commentary. The first three red tabs are Kimagure TDR which is like the photo's of the day. The second red tab is also very good actually because it is the live photo's from the resort of who is there that day so if there are new goods or if you want to see what is happening throughout the day it is very good to check. The third red tab is the character photo's of the day. The fourth red tab is the member update status like who did what.

              The first green tab is the Deep message/discussion area. The second one is questions directed towards people in the park at that moment. The third green tab is general questions.

              The first olive green tab is someone's website within the website. The next olive green tab is very interesting actually as it is links to older topics within the site like the sneak preview of ToT, Club33, Typhoon day photo's, many different things. The next olive green tab is links.

              The next lighter olive green tab is the character position along the parade route.

              The next five tabs are links to Tonchan's photo's, Koanaphoto's (like hard core photo's is the link name), Umizaruhaha's WDW photo's (maybe teporary and will be moved to 2nd olive tab), then AD774's website within the site.

              Then Kimagure TDR and WWDD and the last two are the youtube links. Hope this helps!
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                Re: How To Read DeepDisney

                Thanks for the info Ichigopara- I never fooled around too much with the site- but now I found the tab with links to Duffy & Character parades and shows-

                Now I'm in real trouble- I guess I'm not going to get much work done today!!


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