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    TDRdeASOBLOG has some fantastic photos of the new shop that replaced Romeo's Watches - and it is AWESOME!!!

    Villa Donaldo Home Store is a charmingly executed example of the right way to mix Disney's traditional characters with atmospheric theming. It's a bit of a shame that, like Kingdom Treasures in TDL Fantasyland, all this theming isn't carried over into the merchandise, though. Instead, it just looks like a bunch of "cute" Minnie stuff. I'd love home decor items themed to the Ducks and Mediterranean Harbor, like the shop's remodel...Minnie just got her own cutesy shop a few months ago. Personally I'd rather bring home stuff that looks a little more like MiraCosta. Maybe in the future?:blush:

    Really wishing I'd taken a photo of the Romeo and Juliet portraits that used to be there, though.:shy:

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    Re: Villa Donaldo!

    I had seen pictures of this space via our internal work space last week.. While it is nice, I for some reason have an issue of the continued character fying of the stores. Just like the recent Minnie store change over.

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      Re: Villa Donaldo!

      I understand that, too, and I'm a little apprehensive about the trend. I think it risks detracting from the international flavor of TDS, especially. But I think it's executed better in Villa Donaldo, based just on the photos, and the Ducks have always had a large presence in the Harbor and it keeps the Romeo & Juliet element, so it's not as much just character pushing as Bella Minnie. I went on 2/20 and it wasn't open yet, so I'll have to hold my final verdict until I can actually go in the shop and see for myself.


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