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Ride in Disney Land and Sea

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  • [Other] Ride in Disney Land and Sea

    Hi, my family will be first time to Tokyo in coming Dec. Planning for 2 days trip for land and sea. As i am travelling with 9 year kid and i myself a bit of scare of taking those roller coaster ride, hence like to ask how are those rides in term of the scare level? I try to plan out those ride that is suitable for my family. thanks

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    Re: Ride in Disney Land and Sea

    Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea only feature tame rollercoasters that most children will enjoy riding. Some children might get scared of the dark in Space Mountain, but to be honest any 9 year old will be just fine.

    Start the day in Disneyland with the rollercoaster for children in Toontown. It's a good ride to warm up in. Then take Big Thunder Mountain and last Space Mountain.

    The rollercoasters in DisneySea are just as tame even if one, Raging Spirits, features a loop. This has to be the tamest coaster in the world with a loop. Start the day in DisneySea with the rollercoaster in Mermaid Lagoon as a warm up.

    Indiana Jones, Tower Of Terror and also Journey To The Center Of The Earth are three amazing rides that can not be missed. They feature a theme that is displayed in partial darkness and can seme scary for alot of children, but not all. It all depends on how your children handle the dark.

    Don' t forget to use the fastpasses. Winnie The Pooh, Monsters Inc, Toy Story Midway Mania and Splash Mountain are all great rides that have terribly long lines. Try to get fastpasses for these as soon as possible.
    Lines will be long but so will the days be.
    Have fun!
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    The world according me:


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      Re: Ride in Disney Land and Sea

      Before going to Disney as an adult, I also was seriously afraid of wild rides. So was my son when he was 10 years old. I think you should build up the courage to go, because the reward is so fantastic. Once you are done you will want to go on again and again. The Disney rides will not seem so scary after you've done them. I am sure you will be very, very happy afterwards. The scariest part is the anticipation.

      They are all suitable for your family, though your 9 year old may be scared at first. Just make sure to tell your child that Disney does not want to REALLY scare anyone, that the rides are made for children to enjoy. If your son does not want to go on a ride, do not force him.
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        Re: Ride in Disney Land and Sea

        The thing about Disney rides is that they all try to tell a story instead of just going for a thrill ride. This fall I've been to DisneySea and went in both Journey and the Tower of Terror, rides which are pretty scary if you think about it. The story however is what makes these rides less scary and more adventurous and fun.

        The Splash in Splash mountain is high and goes fast too, but due to the Brer Rabbit stories' setting the splash itself is thrilling and exciting. Am I nervous when I go in one the thrilling rides? Sure I am, but that's part of the excitement. The rush you get after a thrill ride, knowing that you've conquered it is a great feeling.


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          Re: Ride in Disney Land and Sea

          I think roller coaster ride is best for children because it’s feature makes enjoyable to child.


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