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Twin Hubs

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  • News Twin Hubs

    Take a look at what they're doing to the Hub at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World:
    VIDEO - Disney releases animated rendering of new hub design for the Magic Kingdom

    Look familiar?
    Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.

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    Re: Twin Hubs

    I do see some similarities.

    The addition of the turret towers to the MK certainly add a similarity but their locations are quite different with TDL's towers part of the inner hub while the new MK towers are part of the plaza directly in front of the castle.

    The main plaza area in front of the MK castle seems much smaller than that of TDL. TDL's castle forecourt plaza actually protrudes into the central hub.

    The main pathways between the two park hubs seem to be reversed. MK has the main path in the center ring of the hub with the auxiliary path around the outside ring. TDL's main pathway is the outer ring with a smaller inner path on the inside ring.

    The planters in the new MK hub design appear to be much smaller than those at TDL except for the ones in the plaza at the end of Main Street. However, those planters at the end of Main Street in the new plaza area appear to have walkways that pass through them.

    The center of the hubs are different with TDL's Partners statue being in the large plaza in between the hub and the World Bazaar where the reserved parade seating area is. The MK's Partners remains in the center of the hub. TDL's design prevents a direct straight path coming out of the World Bazaar to the center of TDL's hub while the MK's new plaza area still has a straight shot from Main Street.

    It would be interesting to see how many queues were taken from TDL's hub, if at all, to come up with the new MK hub.


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      Re: Twin Hubs

      Tokyo has the only double-ringed hub, so I would say that's probably where they got the idea for the new design in Walt Disney World.
      Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.


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