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Best website to plan a trip to TDR

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  • Best website to plan a trip to TDR

    I've been trying to find the best place that will include air, flight, hotel, and Disney Sea and TDL. Any suggestion.. Im planning our 5 year wedding anniversary which is in Dec. So hopefully its Tokyo or if that doesnt happen its Hawaii. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Re: Best website to plan a trip to TDR

    I've never seen a site with all of those elements in one.
    Here is the official site in English, good luck.


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      Re: Best website to plan a trip to TDR

      You won't find a single site that will provide you specifics about all those issues you mentioned. You must do your homework and gather information from sources in the know. is a great site with TDR info. might be another one... but there are so many more sites out there to discover and learn from to make the best choices in regards to planning a trip to TDR or Japan. Then there are a lot of people here who can advise you better and with experience.


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