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One Day to visit Tokyo Disney - But Which?

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  • [Question] One Day to visit Tokyo Disney - But Which?

    Hi All,

    Mid-October I should be going to Tokyo on business. As part of this I may have a free day (Saturday) to myself before coming back.

    So I'm wondering about taking the train from Tokyo Station and visit Disney.

    As I understand it has two parks - Disneyland and DisneySea. My only Disney experience comes from numerous visits to Disneyland Paris.

    On a one day visit - which park would you suggest I go to?



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    Re: One Day to visit Tokyo Disney - But Which?

    Go to Tokyo DisneySEA, you can always go to another Disneyland, but you might never get another chance at a DisneySEA.

    Just my 2 cents anyway.


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      Re: One Day to visit Tokyo Disney - But Which?

      Tokyo Disneyland is like a mad house on a Saturday. Avoid it and visit Tokyo DisneySea if your after my advice. Tokyo DisneySea will be busy too but crowds are usually more manageable.

      Like Joelio says this may be your only chance to see the Tokyo DisneySea themepark. And since its like no other Disney park on earth, I feel you owe it to yourself to make visit to the park. Tokyo Disneyland is also a spendid park, but follows the disneyland style model. And several of the attractions are close to what you'll find in Paris. While the park does have a few unique attractions like the excellent Pooh. My vote still goes to DisneySea here.

      If you do get the free day and do decide to visit. Please try and pre purchase your park ticket in advance. This will really help to save you time on the day of your visit, trust me. Most Disney Stores in the city have Ticket Centre's where you can purchase your park ticket.
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        Re: One Day to visit Tokyo Disney - But Which?


        Thanks both for your thoughts. Sadly my flight options have now changed, and it's no longer considerable cheaper to fly back on the Sunday as it was last week.

        Hence, back to Blighty on the Saturday - and no change to visit Disney.




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