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Disney-themed children's hospital in Orlando

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  • News Disney-themed children's hospital in Orlando

    According to the AP Wire Disney is working with Florida Hospital in Orlando to design a new standard in Children hospital design and is scheduled to open in 2010. The press release today cites numerous interactive technologies for patients and while Disney has had partnerships and supported other pediatric hospitals in the past this will be the first to bear the companies name.

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    Re: Disney-themed children's hospital in Orlando

    Having stayed in a hospital before I can attest to the fact that hospitals are sterile and boring. I think Disney will make everything a lot brighter and more inviting. Children deserve a place that makes them smile even through the rough times and Disney will certainly do their best to come through for them!
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      Re: Disney-themed children's hospital in Orlando

      This is a great idea. I have been to the children’s hospital in Los Angeles and other children’s hospital in So California and while they all try to put up colorful paintings and other fun things for kids they always still seem so plain and sad. I think that Disney would be able to bring a new and exciting look to a children’s hospital. They could easily lift the children’s sprits. Plus having characters roaming the halls would be very cool. I love this idea.
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        Re: Disney-themed children's hospital in Orlando

        Originally posted by Craigroy8287 View Post

        How close to the Disney property is it going to be? That would be cool if it was right in Disney or at least right by the entrance to it!

        Having Disney characters visit the kids in the hospital sounds like a great idea! I hope Disney realizes what a name they will make for themselves if they do this.

        And Disney park-style theming in the hospital would be awesome!


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