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Disney's Animal Kingdom Original Artwork

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  • [Other] Disney's Animal Kingdom Original Artwork

    The first part of a huge article about Animal Kingdom original artwork is posted today with 40 renderings, ncluding some showing never realised concepts. The part two will be post next week, also with 40 renderings.

    Animal Kingdom renderings are pretty hard to find, so i think thes should interest you.

    Everything can be seen at:

    Disney and more: Disney's Animal Kingdom Original Artwork - Part One

    and Part two :


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    Re: Disney's Animal Kingdom Original Artwork

    Thanks as always Alain! I love, love the map below. I had only seen a low res version of this previously. This is what Animal Kingdom could have been. On the upper right we can see the boat ride in Asia that was supposed to be as large as Kilimanjaro would have been like the Jungle Cruise, but with real animals. Instead we got the nice but much smaller Kali River Rapids that did not have any animal component. At lower right we can see the Excavator roller coaster where we got the Chester and Hester carny rides. And at bottom left we can see the much lamented Beastlie Kingdomme. Any chance we can interest OLC in these plans ( ) ?

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