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A small favor, somebody? (requesting pics)

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  • A small favor, somebody? (requesting pics)

    Hello all-
    I have sort of a strange request. Is there anybody who has a digital camera who can take a couple of pictures for me in DAK?

    Here's the deal- my son loves dinosaurs. I took him to WDW in November and he loved Dinoland at DAK. We just had this idea to decorate his bedroom in Dinosaurs, and I thought about some of the decor in the dinoland area. What I need are a few shots of the wall decor and theming of the McDonalds in Dinoland. I'm pretty good with wood, rock, and paint- and am fairly certain I can recreate some of the decor.

    So if anybody happens to be at DAK with a digital camera and wouldn't mind taking a few shots of the decor in McDonalds, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd gladly do it myself, but I'm in Utah. My email address should by in my profile. Thanks!!

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    I'm sorry. I was just there this past Sunday. Had I known i would gladly have taken some shots for you, but I have no idea when i will be back again. hope someone else can help as it sounds like a fun idea.


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      I won't be there personally for about a month, but I think I can get a friend to get pictures for ya. No promises though.


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        I'll see what I can do on my next day off


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          I appreciate it!!


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