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To all the haters

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  • [Other] To all the haters

    Hello Haters,

    If you feel like hating, or just don't like Disney, then DONT GO!

    'Tis not that hard to figure out. Disney isn't for everyone, and by pointing out all of the negatives in the park you are not doing anyone on these boards any favors. Have fun at Six Flags if there is so much wrong with Disney. Because I will be on Splash Mountain having a blast.

    Have A Magical Day,

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    Re: To all the haters

    Is starting a thread like this doing "anyone any favors"? I'll look for positives and negatives, thank goodness we have a chat board to discuss both.


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      Re: To all the haters

      You are confusing critique and disappointment with wholesale dislike and hatred.


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        Re: To all the haters


        I critique Disney to the standards that THEY themselves have if there's improperly functioning audio-animotronics (like Splash Mountain), chipped paint, garbage in the park, then I'm naturally going to complain on here as well as to Guest Relations about it...

        Do I expect them to make everything be perfect??? No, but I do expect the premium product that they charge a premium price for...and when they do I give them the credit where it's due, but I'm going to be honest with myself and them with the whole critiqueing situation. I've told Guest Relations, "Look I'm having fun, but this (insert detail here) stuck out to me like a sore thumb." and then maybe when someone else like me rides that ride or visits that attraction it's that much more magical for them...
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          Re: To all the haters

          To all the haterz haterz,

          If you do not like reading other people's critiques of the parks, then DON'T READ THEM.

          It is not hard to figure out. Micechat is not for everyone and starting a thread like this you are not doing anyone on these boards any favors. Have fun staring at the walls if there is so much wrong with other people's opinions. I will be here, reading and posting my own thoughts and having a blast.

          Have a Magical Day,



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            Re: To all the haters

            The life of any discussion board is contingent on one thing... discussion. And that means discussion from both sides of ANY issue to topic. Life is not all chocolate ice cream. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same thing or have the same opinions of everything.

            The key is to respect everyones ideas and opinions, even when they are different that your own. If everyone thought the same thing about everything life would be rather boring, wouldn't it?

            Does it sometimes seem that there is nothing but negativity on the boards? Does it seem like sometimes no one can say anything nice about anything? Maybe.... but the fact remains that on discussion boards everyone has the right to voice an opinion on any topic. And everyone has the right to either respond in a positive manner... and by positive I don't mean agreeing with the post, but positive in that an open and friendly discussion can occur between both sides of an issue, with all parties respecting each side and respecting the fact that each side has the right to put on the table, ideas and thoughts that they have.

            Distractors have just has much right to voice an opinion as those who love every single thing in the parks. If you don't agree, and can't say so in a friendly, non attacking manner then just walk away from the thread. We have lots of chats about lots of different things in lots of different places.

            In that this thread does not serve as a constructive conduit to conversations and to a friendly, open chat among the community at large, it will be close.

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