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  • [Question] Trip Questions.

    My whole family and I are planning a trip to WDW next spring. What will the weather be like in early April? Can we use the buses between parks if we stay off property? My wife, daughter and I might stay on property, while the rest will probably stay at their timeshare. Is it honestly worth staying on property. We save on hotel fees, but we really love Disney and want the convenience.

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    Re: Trip Questions.

    Depending on what hotel you stay at off-property some hotels might have their own transportation to Disney World but most of them will drop you off and pick up at the Ticket and Transportation Center. From there, you can take a bus to either Animal Kingdom or the Studios or take the monorail to Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Unless you are staying at a Disney hotel, there's no bus access to Downtown Disney (not from the parks anyway). No passes or the like is required to board the Disney transportation buses or monorail so you should be fine on that.

    If you got the money for all of you to stay at a Disney resort I say go for it.


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      Re: Trip Questions.

      Early April is usually very nice in FL. That's when my parents used to take us. The daily summer thunder showers haven't yet started and the heat and humidity are generally bearable. It can get a little chilly at night, but if you bring sweatshirts to throw in a locker you should be fine. Crowds are usually pretty light too unless it happens to be Easter that week. Even then they aren't too bad.

      You may use the buses between parks, but if you have a car and the parks aren't too crowded you may be better off driving. I believe the parking stub is good for the whole day and if you show it at a different park you won't be charged again.

      The real perks of staying on property are the extra hours, free parking for the length of your stay, and not having to drive at all if you don't want to. As someone who usually makes a very long road trip to get to the resort, getting in the car again is the last thing I want to do, so the option is pretty nice.
      It bothers me when people selectively edit quotes to support whatever point they are trying to prove.


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        Re: Trip Questions.

        I was under the impression that the buses were provided as a benefit for resort guests but someone who has stayed off-site could answer that better than I can. How is everybody getting there? If you are flying and are staying on-site, you can take advantage of Magical Express - the resort will pick you up, get your bags, and deposit you at the main lobby of your hotel - and then take you back at the end of your stay. If you are driving, they will give you a parking pass for the entire resort. People who are visiting and staying at off-site accommodations don't usually need the buses as they drive to the resort each day. The monorail, by the way, is for everybody (don't miss riding that - it's great). Personally, I would never consider staying off-site again - not now that they have so many different price options - the benefits out weigh the cost (I do the value resorts so the cost isn't that bad). You might want to go to the official website and order the vacation planning DVD - it's free and you can see all the choices. You can also do that right on the website.

        Get a good travel guide for the resort - that way, you can see all the attractions, how they're rated for different aspects like thrill, motion, etc... and you'll have a good idea what you want to do when you get there. The resort is very large and it helps to have a plan - read up on FastPass - that will help you do more throughout the day as well.

        When you say whole family, how many are you talking about? There are great activities for large groups of people and you might want to ask hotel reservations for a list of those or a contact for those when you make your reservations. I planned our family reunion there a few years ago and we had about 18 people. Since people will want to go in several different directions, you might want to plan one or two big family meals in the character dining experiences. We did one at Crystal Palace and it was very enjoyable.

        Have a great time planning this - there are a ton of options to choose from.


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