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Monorail and People Mover heights

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  • [Question] Monorail and People Mover heights

    I'm hoping one of you train or transportation enthusiasts knows the answer to this because I haven't been able to find any details anywhere. How high off the ground are the people mover and monorail tracks? I know that the monorail varies with landscape but I'm particularly interested in its height around the Epcot loop. Also does anyone know if there is any sort of minimum legal height requirement to prevent dumb people from trying to jump up and climb the things?

    At one point there were plans to run a people mover through the Communicore. It seems a bit weird just to do a loop around the plaza but with the monorail beams where they are I don't see how they could get out to any of the pavilions. Maybe the people mover plans were scrapped after the Communicore buildings were designed but before the monorail loop was added. That's the only thing I can think of to explain why the Communicore buildings are built to hold a people mover track but the monorail track prevents it from being able to go anywhere. If anyone has more info I'd appreciate it greatly.
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    Re: Monorail and People Mover heights

    If memory serves me, I recall that minimum elevation is 18 feet above grade and a maximum of 60 feet for the Walt Disney World monorail beamway. I do not have numbers for the Peoplemover, though an educated guess would have it at a similar 18 to 20 feet above grade.

    As for what criteria is used in determining these heights. Well that is really up to the designers, as there really is no specific minimum. If the elevation is such that a person could be an interference hazard, then it is necessary to provide some form of protection. At best, this protection would come in the form of a hard guard like a fence, barrier wall or something that makes it difficult to gain access and thus reduce the likelihood of it being a hazard.

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      Re: Monorail and People Mover heights

      As I understood the Epcot People Mover was to be transportation from just inside the park gates to World Showcase. There also was to be a stops at Innoventions East and West, too. The idea was to be able to close Future World in the evening while World Showcase stayed open besides providing leg saving transportation. As far as elevations the People Mover would just go up and over the existing Monorail track. As maglev roller coasters have shown, people movers can go up hill.


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