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No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

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  • [Rumor] No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

    Blue Sky Disney: Blue Sky Buzz: Pixar's Place In Disney's World...

    very interested in this...although id like to see Monstropolis or Paradise Falls

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    Re: No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

    Attractions to make you want to travel to different parks for different reasons.
    I recently traded my planned WDW trip for a DLR trip. Why? Cause its closer,cheaper, i can drive my car, and aside from EPCOT it essentially the same...
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      Re: No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

      Well I am still hopeful we will see a fully fleshed out "Studios" concept for DHS

      Where we will have:
      1. Pixar Studios
      2. LucasFilm
      3. Muppet Studios
      4. Golden Age Hollywood
      5. ABC Television Studio
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        Re: No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

        totally agree with Eric here, things actually being fleshed out fully would be nice. As for an Incredibles ride however, i just don't see it. more likely then not they would probably do something with monsters inc first considering the second movie coming out later this year, as well as a clone of RSR before they look to the incredibles. it was one of the least successful pixar films IMO.


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          Re: No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

          This park does need greater land identities like King Eric suggests, and that would go a long way to help with a lot of the park's problems. The bigger problem is that the park's layout for all the areas that were former production spaces is awful. The only way this park will ever truly be beautiful is if the back end of the park is torn down and completely rebuilt as proper guest space. It'll never happen because it involves taking out half of Pixar Place including Toy Story Mania, but it's what they really need.

          I have no problems with Pixar Place existing in the studios, especially if it means those characters move out of Tomorrowland and Epcot, where they don't belong. Making movie characters exclusive to the studios park (with the exception of Fantasyland) would go a long way toward giving that park its own identity instead of it just being Disney Park #3 aka Eisner's grudge against Universal.

          The parks should be like this:
          Magic Kingdom: Become the main character of your own adventures
          Epcot: Discover mankind's power to control his own destiny
          Hollywood Studios: Play a role in your favorite movies
          Animal Kingdom: Get an up close look at animals past, present, and legendary

          Instead they are:
          Magic Kingdom: Ride Disney movies!
          Epcot: Half tribute to human achievement, half vague allusions to Disney films, we have no idea what this park is supposed to be!
          Hollywood Studios: Ride movies that Disney has purchased the rights to!
          Disney Animal Kingdom: Ride Disney movies starring animals!
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            Re: No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

            Dapper Dan you have hit the nail on the head!
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              Re: No Cars Land...but an Incredibles Ride?

              I would Love to see an Incredibles E-Ticket, a few more D or C Ticket Attraction based around other Pixar films like Ratatoullie, Up or Wall-E (although I feel these two are worthy of being E Tickets themselves) and we'll have ourselves a Pixar Studio. Now if only we could get a Muppet Studios, LucasFilm Lot, or maybe Marvel then the park might actually have a theme again. Lands based off of different studios.

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