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Dining in the park before park opens...?

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  • [Question] Dining in the park before park opens...?

    We have booked several character meals for our WDW trip for breakfast before the park opens. How does it work? We have 8am ADRs in September and it looks like the parks historically don't open until 9am during the week of our travel. We are going to Tusker House & Crystal Palace. How early do we need to be there for our breakfast reservations? It looks like a long haul from the front gate of AK to Tusker House. I just don't want to miss our ADR. Any input is appreciated!
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    Re: Dining in the park before park opens...?

    1. Can you get earlier ADRs? 8am as in your example meal is the earliest normal reservation regardless of park oepning time. The first minutes the parks open are the slowest time of the day. You want to be able to eat and get out in time to be out the door when the park opens. If you get eating early they will walk you back to the Rope Drop area. So try to time it just right. That way you eat finish and can go strait to the rides. For example you eat at Tusker House at 8:59 get out of the restaurant, and swing a left to be the first on a Safari(which is nice because in the cool morning the animals are more active).

    2. Getting to the parks. There are special bus runs in the morning, the buses will say Character Breakfast on the sign above the windshield. Make sure you get on early enough, they don't run often(I think every 30 minutes) and may go to two parks not directly to your destination.

    3. The park will open the gates early for guests with ADRs 7:45, I would aim to be at DAK by 7:30. You can slowly make you way into the park and it's nearly empty except for other diners and CMs. Great in Epcot and MK especially. Take some pictures. There will be CMs along the designated route keeping you heading toward your dining location, not allowing you off the so called beaten path.
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      Re: Dining in the park before park opens...?

      Main Street is always open before the 9:00 time. 9.00 is when everything else opens
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