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My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

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  • Trip Report My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

    Check below for my continuation!
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    Re: My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

    With you both being Coast Guards, I thank you for your service ! Second, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! Third, thanks for sharing your trip, hope to see more when you have the time !


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      Re: My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

      congratulations! And thanks for sharing your trip report with MiceChat! the Yacht club resort was my first resort ever to stay on property and I can't say nothing but good things about that resort. It really is grand. I hope to return to that area and stay either at the Boardwalk or Beach Club next time.

      I hope you were able to get a table at Be Our Guest restaurant


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        Re: My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

        we love lefou's brew too! and your shot of BTMRR is stunning.


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          Re: My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

          excellent start on your TR! looking forward to seeing the rest!


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            Re: My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

            Great trip all the pics.
            For the love of Disney....:yea:


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              Re: My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

              I'm Back!

              So the next morning we where up early again, we had to get to Animal Kingdom before it opened for the first Wild Africa Trek of the day. We start out this portion of my report with an empty Animal Kingdom!

              We then met our crew for the tour. I really enjoyed this tour. It definitely afforded some AWESOME views

              The tour starts out walking. You pass through some of the public animal trails before heading "off the beaten path" if you will. your first stop is the hippo pools where you are hooked into a safety rail and allowed to approach a cliff overlooking the hippos. They feed them so you get an extremely close up experience.

              Next up you head to the bridge (above) which takes you over the crocs. This is followed by another cliff overhanging the croc enclosure. Then it's off to the savannah in a private truck that stops very frequently to talk about everything as the regular safari vehicles seem like they zoom by. Finally you stop at a small structure smack dab in the middle of the safari for your snacks and some more animal viewing.

              After our three hours of being fairly isolated from the rest of the park goers, we emerged into Harambe to find the park PACKED. we decided that we would head off to EPCOT, but not before our tour guide (at our request) took us into Harambe to point out one last thing. This tree.

              This unassuming tree is the a real Baobob, or "upside down" tree. Disney has a number of fake ones throughout the savannah (and one in Harambe right near the entrance to Kilimanjaro Safari). These fake ones present the trees as they would appear at a couple hundred years of age (they can live to be thousands of years old). This real one is only a baby....but that's still pretty cool if you ask me.

              and now, it's off to EPCOT

              By the way.....I LOVE the new Test Track, feels less Epcot and more EPCOT Center to me.

              Part of the reason we needed to get to EPCOT was for Coral Reef. This was to serve as kind of a preview for tomorrow when we would be swimming in the Seas tank

              The good new is that this fella did not eat me.

              Well, it's off to bed again, see you tomorrow for part two of this day (does that make sense?) either way, have a good night!


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