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what will walt disney world do on there 50th

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  • what will walt disney world do on there 50th

    walt disney world is going to be 50 years old in 2021 what should they do? I think they should get a copy of Disneyand's Toontown. But that could happen before walt disney world turns 50

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    :devil: They should throw a party at disneyland... :devil:
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      I'll be 66 then and hopefully I hope they have a huge affair....and celebrate the opening of DisneySea in Orlando !


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        what do mean by disneysea i don't remeber disney would do that.


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          Originally posted by VBdad55
          I'll be 66 then and hopefully I hope they have a huge affair....and celebrate the opening of DisneySea in Orlando !
          i think you mean DisneySeas Aniheim :devil:


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            No, I mean Tokyo Disney Sea park -- which would be a great addition here


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              so it is not confirmed yet thank you for letting me know.


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                I'll be 50 when WDW turns 50 as well... Hopefully I'll be sitting on my balcony at the Contemporary Resort sipping champagne and celebrating both birthdays.

                But as for what they'll do? Who knows? Will WDW still even be WDW? How different will it be? What's to come in the next 17 years? What new parks might be there?

                However, I like what Retlaw Yensid said above...about throwing the party at Disneyland! Even though Disneyland is getting a much welcomed spruce-up, and gold accent paint everywhere and a new parade, it does seem like the focus on the whole celebration is on Walt Disney World.

                Which, in a way, makes sense, even though I think it sucks. Walt Disney World is a full on mega-resort tailor made for vacations... Disneyland Resort is designed for a few days while visiting SoCal.


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                  WDW should get a project sparkle like Disneyland has gotten and they should refresh technology and effects on all of it's attractions and parks

                  honestly WDW doesn't need a fifth park that would be overkill
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                    Originally posted by Jspider
                    honestly WDW doesn't need a fifth park that would be overkill
                    Good call!!!!!!

                    For WDW 50th every other disney park will get something new except the 4 at WDW. They will paint the Castle like a gold cupcake, and then they will defrost Roys head!!!!

                    J :monkey:

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                      Originally posted by Retlaw Yensid
                      :devil: They should throw a party at disneyland... :devil:
                      :lol: Oh I needed that Retlaw.. thanks for that! Okay, just thinking about it. I will be 35 on the 50th of WDW. I am going to Disneyland's and can go to WDW's. That idea is cool. I honestly do not know what they will do. I don't even want to begin to think about it. Since WDW seems to always be the "core" of Disney parks... it could be nightmare for some as WDW continues to get more attention. Poor Disneyland (orininal, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, (insert new name here), (and possibly here).


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                        How about Disneyland gets Mission: SPACE from Epcot placed in Tomorrowland, PhilharMagic from the MK placed in Toontown, and EVEREST from Animal Kingdom placed in Adventureland, and DCA gets Rock 'n' Roller Coaster from MGM. Never mind lack of space, and let's go ahead and speed the whole process up..maybe do it for WDW's 40th
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                          Turn the castle into a giant gold birthday cake. Give the people what they want :devil:
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                            ^^^:lol: I think that WDW will learn from their mistake on that one!
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                              Personally... they did NOTHING for their 30th anniversary and appears their 35th will also be a forgotten why are we to believe they will bother celebrating their 50th???


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