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Did I work this out right?

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  • Did I work this out right?

    Ok - on another board someone was telling me that annual pass holders get a 30-40% discount on their hotel stay 20% on food and 20% on stuff in some stores DD and in the parks.

    so I worked it out and over a 14 night stay if we combine the annual pass with the dining plan and pay for 1 day park pass we would actually end up saving money even though we would be paying for an additional day in the park.

    is that right?

    14 days regular rate at River side is $165 per night plus $40 per day for the dining plan and a 10 day park pass with upgraded to 14 when we got there approx $450 per person = $4330

    Annual pass for 2 $868 plus $119 plus 1 park day at $60 plus $80 per day for dining = $2846

    PLUS we would still have to buy breakfast but with the AP we would get 20% off.

    Did I calculate it right?

    If we bought the Annual Pass in April before we went down is it still good the following January? Is it 365 days no matter when you buy it or is it a calendar year?

    We could actually save a lot of money if we combined the annual pass with the dining and hotel that we could actually go twice in one year.

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    Re: Did I work this out right?

    hmmm..i don't recall getting those kinds of perks with my annual pass.

    the rooms are limited to what disney has to offer, you can't just call and say i'd like a room at riverside at the annual pass price, it has to be available.

    dining was very limited as far as discounts go, and also subject to availability. i think it may have been 10% unless you upgraded to a disney dining pass at an additional charge

    the only perk i remember using regularly (aside from my room) with my pass was 10% of at world of disney at dtd.

    here's a link that explains it:


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      Re: Did I work this out right?

      Annual Passholders don't get any of that. You get resort discounts subject to when Disney wants you to go, no discounts in the parks what-so-ever, and Select merchandise discounts at the World of Disney Store at DTD. I say select because about 20% of the merchandise in the store isn't included in that discount. There are also scattered dining discounts (mostly for lunch) at select resort restaurants and DTD.


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        Re: Did I work this out right?

        Let's not forget the ever important Free Parking, if you happen to be staying off property and decide to drive in. That saves you what, $10 or $11 a day?


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          Re: Did I work this out right?

          Ah yes, that is true. But living in the Institute's Basement, I've never found the need for the free parking, because it's included with my living quarters. (And is such if you stay at a Disney-owned resort as well.)


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            Re: Did I work this out right?

            DLR Annual Passholders seem to get more discounts in more locations than WDW Annual Passholders.

            For dining discounts, look into becoming a Dining Club Member.


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              Re: Did I work this out right?

              Yes, the Disney Dining Experience is an incredible value if you enjoy eating in the parks. For about $85 (Somwhere around there, correct me if I'm wrong) you get a card that gives you 20% off your check at almost every full-service restaurant in WDW, Quick-service in Animal Kingdom, and 20% off all lounges and bars in the resorts. Please note the 20% off includes alcohol, and as a result, the card is only available to guests age 21 and over. The price of the card is discounted if you are a Florida Resident.

              Please note that the card is not valid during select holidays, including Christmas Eve and Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and III. (International Imagination Institute Chairman Day)


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