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  • Tomorrowland

    Does anybody know why Tomorrowland was never finished when it was redone in the 90s?

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    I take it you mean that the back areas remained basically the same? It's true, barely any of the architecture or color changed, and I suppose budget cuts are the answer...and if i am correct, I think it was redone in 1995.


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        I'm not sure what you mean "not finished" when it was redone. I think the only reason it seems unfinished now is becuase of the closure of Carousel of Progress, Timekeeper, as well as the removal of the Skyway.



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          Take a closer look, Crispy. The redone look of T-Land only goes to the Peoplemover platform, everything else was pretty much left in its old state of theming/paint schemes etc ...


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            It would have been so much better had they redone all of tomorrowland and not just the entrance plaza up to teh peoplemover. It does look awesome coming into tomorrowland. However, once past the PeopleMover it's kinda the same old tommorrowland. And then dumping that arcade/gift shop next to Space Mountain destroys it. Makes Space Mountain entryway very cramped with teh fast pass machines and all


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              Also, Carousel of Progress has not yet closed. Let's not kill her off even before Disney finally does it, eh?

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                Originally posted by lazyboy97O
                Does anybody know why Tomorrowland was never finished when it was redone in the 90s?
                It was finsihed, it just looks that way.
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                  According to MousePlanet, they're working on replacing seats int he COP theatre on a rotating basis to keep the attraction open. They also mentioned the exterior of the building to get some work at some point as well. I sure hope so.


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