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something about Spaceship Earth

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  • something about Spaceship Earth

    Last time i went to Walt Disney World (May 2005). I went on Spaceship Earth on a few sites they said the newspaper boy no longer screams Extra! Extra!. But when i went on it he still screams Extra! Extra! this is odd.

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    The boy's recorded track was changed some years ago. He used to scream in a very loud and boy-like "EXTRA! EXTRA!!". But now sounds like a woman re-recorded the new vocals and he sounds awful and very dull, not to mention odd...


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      True - the old voice was a very stereotypical "EXTRA! EXTRA!" scream and I thought it fit in well for the period it covers - since SSE tells the story of COMMS as time progresses....

      The new voice for the paperboy (1994-95 refurb?) is waaaaay too calm and relaxed. JMHO.
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