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MORE: Epcot Wand Removal pics

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  • MORE: Epcot Wand Removal pics

    These pictures were taken by me on Saturday (8/5) at Epcot:

    and one of the MK Cinderella castle:

    - EPCOT1982 -

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    Re: MORE: Epcot Wand Removal pics



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      Re: MORE: Epcot Wand Removal pics

      Great pictures. It's nice to see Spaceship Earth returning to its former glory.


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        Re: MORE: Epcot Wand Removal pics

        Here's a different angle from Sunday 8/5 (Sat. was the 4th...not to split hairs )):

        I bought a 1-day pass, and had to pay for parking....too bad I couldn't afford to renew my AP. I felt guilty charging the ticket, but I ended up in Orlando 8 days and I had to see the wand removal .

        Oh, just because I am thoroughly amused with myself, feel free to see my video postcard from Mexico...

        I think from watching that you can tell I was getting lonely and obviously completely off my rocker .

        Anyhoo, there's my addition to the wand removal pics...
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