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  • Skyway Question

    I was reading on another site that in the tomorrowland skyway station they still have all the buckets on the cable and a box that supposedly has the timekeeper animatronic. Please tell me if this is all true.

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    Re: Skyway Question

    I've heard about the buckets, I'm sure they were stored there after the ride closed but, I'm not so sure now. (Can you believe it's nearly been ten years since they shut them down?)

    I'd have a hard time believing that they would store the Timekeeper AA. WDI always recycles old AAs. If he's still there, my guess is that all that is there would be there would be his "skin", although I don't think Timekeeper really had one.
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      Re: Skyway Question

      Sorry No picture Skygirl see the skyway car in the station but not on the cable. This was in Oct, Micechat Invasion
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        Re: Skyway Question

        if it is real it would look really cool


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          Re: Skyway Question

          If the buckets are inside the Tomorrowland Skyway Station then they are most certainly not on the cable. Buckets leave the cable when they enter the station and become suspended by a metal track.

          If you are interested, the Skyway is still listed on a map on the north side of Rocket Tower Plaza, between the tower and the DVC kiosk.


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            Re: Skyway Question

            ^ i never knew that.. next time i go i will check that out


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              Re: Skyway Question

              Am I correct in supposing there are buckets in the Fantasyland Skyway Station as well? I think I remember seeing pictures of the lights on in there back when It's A Small World was getting its long refurbishment a few years ago.

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