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Caribbean beach vrs port orleans?

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  • [Question] Caribbean beach vrs port orleans?

    For our vacation in feb we are looking for info of the hotels, we have stayed at all-stars movies and the last time we went to Disney was in Coronado Springs, we liked Coronado a lot more.

    Right now, we like the photos of Caribbean beach (it seems very similar to Coronado) and the two port Orleans look very appealing.

    How this hotels compare to each others?

    Does the internal hotel buses take the same time to make the trip around the hotel?

    Quality and variety of the food court menus?

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    Re: Caribbean beach vrs port orleans?

    Since no one else has posted on this yet, I can give you a heavily biased opinion on the Port Orleans Resort (the Riverside portion, anyways.)

    Although the campus of the resort is rather spread out, the nature that fills it is absolutely gorgeous, so that's a plus. The down side of the spread out campus is that there are 4 bus depots. From what I've read (and maybe remember?), the French Quarter has one bus stop. For Riverside, it means a longer ride and honestly more tedious than it should be; such is the way with the WDW bus system. So French Quarter is the one you'd want to be at if you want just one bus stop on campus.

    The Riverside's food court, I felt, was wonderful. It had quite a variety of food, and there were many options for the dining plan, if you're planning on doing that. The cafeteria seating was a little scarce in the morning while everyone was making the rush to get out early, but any other time of day was fine.

    The staff we had were, in general, wonderful. Mousekeeping always had something cutesy for us in our room at the end of the day, the greeter still is one of my favorite Disney employees, and those at the food court were patient with my hands fumbling with money. The only staff I felt a bit turned away from were the front desk staff. The girl who checked us in seemed to be having a bad day, as any human does, but the girl who worked our concierge the one time we paid a visit was somewhat rude, and frankly, probably thought we were crazy for whatever reason.

    Overall, I truly loved the Riverside resort. My sister and I wandered over to the French Quarter and the buildings and campus were gorgeous. It seems to me that the Port Orleans resorts are some of the top-notch of the moderates. I strongly recommend them. (Like I said, heavily biased towards this resort, and please note that I've never so much as set foot on the Caribbean's property.)


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      Re: Caribbean beach vrs port orleans?

      I have stayed at Caribbean Beach, Coronado,and at POR. I have not stayed at the French Quarter, but I did visit it during my stay at Riverside. If I had a choice between returning to Caribbean, Coronado, or either of the Port Orleans resorts, I would also choose French Quarter. Caribbean Beach is too spread out for my liking. I loved the fact that at Port Orleans, I really could walk around the resort, and there was lots to do and see. The walk to the food court, and the bus stop at CBR seemed so much longer. Coronado by the way was also nice. I'd definitely do a return trip there, but out of all the moderates, I did like the Port Orleans resort the most.
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        Re: Caribbean beach vrs port orleans?

        Thanks for the replies they are very helpful. :bow:

        Is nice to know that PO has a smaller, more food options and the less time of wait for the bus.


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          Re: Caribbean beach vrs port orleans?

          Between just Port Orleans and Caribbean Beach, I'd choose (in this order):

          1) Port Orleans French Quarter - Easiest to get around and catch a bus. Boat to Downtown Disney and Riverside. Nice pool.
          2) Port Orleans Riverside
          3) Caribbean Beach

          Of all the Moderate hotels, Caribbean Beach is my least favorite.
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