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Hotels in Orlando with Smoking Rooms

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  • Hotels in Orlando with Smoking Rooms

    Hello. I'm heading to Disney World with the family, including my dad who is a smoker. He insists on staying in a smoking room, even if it's not as nice or inconvenient as a non-smoking hotel. I know all the Disney property hotels are non-smoking. However, are there any nearby hotels that still offer smoking rooms? Preferably one that isn't too far away from the parks.

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    Re: Hotels in Orlando with Smoking Rooms

    I'm sure there are, however the majority of 4-5 star hotels do not have the smoking room option. This therefore means you will really be sacrificing quality for this one small convenience. My recommendation is to try to convince your father to get a room with a request to have it close to a designated smoking area. You can do this at both on and off resort hotels and almost always from what I hear this request has been granted as it isn't requested very much. this would mean he would have a very short (like within 30 step walk) to a smoking area. hopefully this helps.


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