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Best way to book a vacation package?

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  • [Question] Best way to book a vacation package?

    I'm planning a trip for myself and two others to WDW. We'll be staying on site and want a full experience at the parks. Was wondering if it's better to book it myself through the website/calling a Disney rep or going through a travel agency. If using a travel agency is better I'd also like some recommendations. Thanks!

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    Re: Best way to book a vacation package?

    I am currently looking for information from members of this forum however in getting quotes from Disney online and from my travel agent (Marlin Travel) my travel agent was a better price by a couple hundred dollars! I too wonder about calling in to a Disney rep or what about booking in advance or showing up and booking???

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      Re: Best way to book a vacation package?

      Sometimes travel agents are very generic in thier bookings and compare something to something specific which is how it saves money. Another trick that is very common is a party states they can save x amount, and x happens to be a special discount available to anyone.

      Because Disney has many different levels of rooms, and pricing scales for each room, there is hundreds of possible costs. Also if you buy tickets outside Disney, you can save on taxes, which can go into savings.

      Some travel agents do share thier kickback and pass on savings.

      The reason Travel Agents exist for Disney trips is because the planning can be overwhelming, other wise they would be dying like the industry is elsewhere.
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        Re: Best way to book a vacation package?

        I'm currently planning my trip for this fall, and have been dealing with Minnie Babbs at Small World Vacations. She is excellent! Though the prices she found are similar to what I find on the Disney site, she will monitor the promotions and will apply them to my booking if they are applicable. Though she doesn't do airline bookings, she is willing to help me book my nights for Universal as well.

        Plus she's very knowledgeable and patience. I've read a lot about her company through various forums and it seems to have a good reputation.


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