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Walt Disney... Gay???

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  • Walt Disney... Gay???

    Didn't know where to post this but this is the first I ever heard this, and leave up to the outrageous Globe. It must had been a boring news day but everyone in this story is dead! Doesn't mean it's all made up, but makes it harder to prove. The Globe (August 16, 2010), again quoting 'Hollywood Babylon,' a book written by avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger in 1959, (which details the scandals of many famous and infamous Hollywood denizens), is saying Walt Disney was gay. Why? Allegedly, the late Fess Parker said more then a few times when he was alive, "I think he was gay but couldn't accept it. I think that was his tragedy."

    More outrageous rumors is that Walt Disney "fell in love with" child star Bobby Driscoll (Song of the South, voice of Peter Pan, Treasure Island & One Hour in Wonderland), and gave him "big, wet sloppy kisses" are tossed into the mix as if pedophilia and homosexuality go hand in wandering hand. Driscoll claims, "I was dropped like garbage when I was no longer a cute little kid, and I didn't appeal to him anymore." Adding fuel to the fire, even Jane Wyman complained about Disney's closeness to Driscoll.

    Personally, it just sounds more like Driscoll stopped being marketable, not that Disney stopped lusting after him, and missed all the attention. Or maybe both but "Walt Disney's Gay Secret!" isn't quite the right title for an article alleging that a pop icon lusted after a child, male or female.

    Here's the article:

    [ame=""]YouTube- ‪Bobby Driscoll as Peter Pan‬‎[/ame]
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    Re: Walt Disney... Gay???

    just proves you can't believe everything you read. But it really wouldn't bother me if he was gay. Now, the other part about Bobby Driscal, that is just disturbing. I really don't think any of it is real.


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      Re: Walt Disney... Gay???

      I haven't seen any credible evidence Walt Disney was gay. If he was, it's sad that he was forced to hide it. But it's easy for anyone to print anything about someone years after they (and their spouse/significant other) are dead.

      The Bobby Driscoll part is different. That wouldn't be a tragedy, it would be unforgivable. But nothing anywhere (I speak of reliable sources) ever indicated anything like this.

      Walt and the studios had several young boy stars besides Bobby Driscoll...Kevin Corcoran, Kurt Russell to name two. Walt and Kurt were very close. As they age, often child stars lose their appeal and are 'replaced' by another young actor. Kurt Russell had a career as an adult because unlike most of the other kids, he was (and still is) actually a very good actor. "If" Driscoll made those remarks, it might well be attributed to a bruised ego.


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        Re: Walt Disney... Gay???

        In that era, it would have been difficult to be public with a gay identity. We didn't understand gay as an identity, anyway, so I'm not sure what he could have done with it. As I understand it, gay was something you did, rather than something you are (which is how I see it now, commonly understood).
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          Re: Walt Disney... Gay???

          Even Marc Eliot didn't try to sell that one.
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            Re: Walt Disney... Gay???

            Had any of this been true, I am quite sure other surviving child stars who worked with Walt would have come forward by now. But not a peep, or even a rumor. If anything his politics and cooperation with McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover are far more disturbing, as he helped many 'suspected' communists and homosexuals get black balled.
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              Re: Walt Disney... Gay???

              I don't think Walt Disney was gay. He had a female wife and he had kids. And for some reason people think he was gay.

              What else has Walt been accused of? Anti-semite, rascist. Now gay. I don't have anything against gay people, but I do with Anti-Disney Activists.

              And besides. Back then gay meant happy, not like today when it means homesexual.
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