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Want to see a Lego Star Tours set?

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  • Want to see a Lego Star Tours set?

    This thread seems to be the place to solicit help from the Mice Chat community. I think many of us here love Star Tours, and a few of us would be willing to pay money for a Lego set of a Star Speeder 3000. Here is our chance to make it happen!

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    Back in 2011 Harald Roossien built a custom Lego rendition of the Star Speeder 3000, where it was blogged about on Endor Express (Custom Lego Starspeeder 3000 : EndorExpress).

    Harald naturally got many requests for instructions, but during June 2012 he posted it on Lego's Cuusoo website. (Project is posted here: LEGO® CUUSOO | Star Wars - Star Tours Starspeeder 3000)

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    What is Cuusoo? Lego Cuusoo is a Japan based affiliate of The Lego Company. The site is an opportunity for users to submit their projects as potential sources of actual Lego sets. Any project which reaches 10,000 supporters is reviewed and considered for production as an actual Lego set. Four sets have come out of Cuusoo so far, most notably a Minecraft based set and an upcoming Back To The Future set.

    Registration to use the Cuusoo website is free and there are no obligations to buy anything.
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    Last October Disney bought Lucasfilm. As many Disney fans know Star Tours was one of the first interactions between the two companies. Bloomberg reports Bob Iger first pitched the idea of buying Lucasfilm to George at the opening of Star Tours the Adventures Continue. As such, Star Tours is the foundation for the 2012 merger.

    ************************************************** **********************

    Since being posted, Harald's Star Speeder had received only 563 supporters, still a long way from the 10,000 needed to enter the review stage. I am hoping there is support for it here on MiceAge. I think there is an interest among MiceChatters about Star Tours merchandise, and I think many of us would enjoy seeing the Star Speeder mass produced in a high quality Lego set. If the MiceAge community rallied around this set we could see it move closer to actual production, providing a unique opportunity for Disney fans, Star Wars fans, and Lego collectors alike. So go out and support it today!

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