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Disney watches cheaper than at disneyland

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  • Disney watches cheaper than at disneyland

    I see these watches at disneyland and in disney stores, but they are usually pretty expensive. A friend emailed me about a bunch of watches that are really cheap online right now. I picked up one for me and one as a gift for my sister. here are some links. (sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the website)

    donald duck watch (12.99)
    mickey watch (9.99)
    alice in wonderland watch (12.95)
    another mickey watch (12.95)

    here's a link to a listing with a lot more.

    I cant wait til my next trip to DL so I can do some window shopping and say "I got that watch for 30 bucks less..."
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    Re: Disney watches cheaper than at disneyland

    I have also found some really good prices on Disney watches on E-Bay and have bought quite a few from there.


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      Re: Disney watches cheaper than at disneyland

      I like Ebay for some things, but Ive been ripped off before because I went by the description and not by knowing exactly what the product was.

      Now I use ebay only if I know what it is, what the product name/number is, and there is no question about it. I feel more comfortable when Amazon says it's a $40 watch marked down to $10, than when some guy on ebay makes the same claim.


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        Re: Disney watches cheaper than at disneyland

        I guess I've been pretty luck, I haven't had any problems, but I do check everything out thoroughly and especially the seller's feedback. You always need to check the shipping costs also, because a lot of sellers will try to make extra money on overcharging you there.


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          Re: Disney watches cheaper than at disneyland

          Try as well. they have/had a good selection of Disney watches and really good prices. I bought a few right after Christmas.
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