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Brand New Coaster Spoof Show!

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  • Brand New Coaster Spoof Show!

    Hello and Welcome!

    My name is Daniel and I have created a brand new reliable roller coaster news show. My news is so reliable and new, even park marketing people don't have it yet! Wow! Well, kind of...

    Webster's defines spoof as "to make good-natured fun of" and satire as "trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly".

    I have created a show that is meant to be fun. I have a fantastic line-up of new characters that will be joining the show over the coming weeks, and am very much open to ideas for characters, skits and gimmicks you'd like to see portrayed in up-coming episodes! I'm also very much open to the idea of guest stars, either played straight or in spoof fashion as well so if you have any ideas on how you might like to appear on the show, send us an email!

    I am making this show because my intention is to give people a little something to laugh at. Think Daily Show style content focused on the topics we - the true coaster geeks love. There are more episodes to come each and every week; just remember this show is here for pure amusement! Besides - if we can't laugh at OURSELVES, who can we laugh at? Thanks for your time! Enjoy the show!

    Signed Me! Daniel!

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