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Information on Walt disney's boyhood home in Marceline Missouri

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  • Information on Walt disney's boyhood home in Marceline Missouri

    Hi There. I am really interested in visiting EWalt Disney's boyhood home museum in Marceline Missouri and I am thinking about calling them to ask if they can send a ?phamplet? of things to see there.

    Has anyone visited his boy hood home before? Is it interesting? Can you tell me what there is to do there, besides visit the original main street?


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    Re: Information on Walt disney's boyhood home in Marceline Missouri

    No one has been there before?


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      Re: Information on Walt disney's boyhood home in Marceline Missouri

      Frodo Potter and I stayed overnight there while passing through on his cross-country move last year. I'd love to post the pictures, but, unfortunately, they are embedded in a memory card that is presently unreadable (still). Hopefully that will work itself out soon.

      First and foremost, a trip to Walt's childhood homestead should be top priority. His barn has been reconstructed, and you can leave a message to Walt on the interior walls. There are numerous pens provided for that purpose. Also at the homestead is Walt's "Dreaming Tree" - the really old tree that he used to daydream under. We sat under that tree for almost an hour, just relaxing and daydreaming of our own dreams. I also picked up a leaf that was dropped so I can frame it, along with the pin.

      The pin was purchased at the Walt Disney museum, which is inside the old train depot. They have all sorts of artifacts from Walt's life. The curators are extremely friendly too.

      Another must-see is Walt Disney park, where the remnants of the Midget Autopia still stand. The Midget Autopia was shipped to Marceline when it was removed from Disneyland, and then set to operate at the park. Unfortunately, only the track's path and queue area are still there today, surrounding a few playground toys. I walked the entire path of the track, even hunching down through the tunnel, so I could experience the "drive".

      At Walt Disney Elementary School, his desk is on display in the lobby, as well as some other key artifacts. People are welcome to walk right in - no appointment necessary. They don't mind one bit.

      We stayed overnight at the Lamplighter Inn, which is a small 13-room motel with quaint "cottage" decor inside.

      Everyone there is incredibly friendly and very happy to show off their little town. They treat tourists just like part of the family and welcome everyone.

      If you have a chance to go, I would definitely recommend it. I hope to go back some day. However, the museum curators told us that the Dreaming Tree is dying, and is only expected to survive another year or two - it's already lost a lot of its branches, etc.


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        Re: Information on Walt disney's boyhood home in Marceline Missouri

        i remember when I moved we went on a cross country trip and I think we went through Missouri so I tried to get my parents to take me there, but I could not find Marceline on the map and we were running out of time so we has to offer up the visit for another time. My mom said that she wants to do though and dad said next time we go out in that area again we will try to make a visit.


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          Re: Information on Walt disney's boyhood home in Marceline Missouri

          Every third weekend in September, they have what they call a Toonfest which features famous animators and cartoonists along with those who have worked for the Disney company. There's also a parade, symposium, auction, crafts and other entertainment. Tony Baxter is one of the guest speakers this year.
          It's September 16th-17th and here's the link if you'd like to know more about it.
          I haven't had the chance to go yet(only found out about it last year), but will try to make it there this time.
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