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    i was a host/hostess for food/bev at HBR and i was terminated from disneyland due to attendence about 1yr to date. i have been trying with no luck to get a new jobs so i could attempt to rehire after the 6 months to only get we arent hiring or just no call backs even after followup calls. and to make things even harder for me to get a job i cant cash or do anything that requires me to stare or look at things from a distance cause of my vision, which makes up alot of the jobs close by or within walking or bus distance. but to get to my point is there someone i can appeal to to let me come back with like a extended probation or something i dont care what it is i just want to get back to work.

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    Re: Rehire Q

    The economy's not doing so hot right now, and very few companies are actually hiring. I would think that might include DL, too. If you really need a job, I urge you to broaden your search. Good luck.
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