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Editor's Note 4/30

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  • Editor's Note 4/30

    Sorry, moderators. I was going to post this under "Columnists" but there was no where to post this there.

    Editor's Note 4/30: Finally we have part three of Steve's Disneyland Railroad series. Blame my more frequent park updates for the delay. - Al Lutz
    Steve's articles are really fascinating, and I enjoy reading them. I mean no disrespect to him, but I'm not going to "blame" Al's more frequent updates for his article's delay. I'm glad that Al is making an effort to post more frequent articles, as it was the original reason I started reading Miceage in the first place. Blaming Al could imply that I find his articles annoying and might want him to slow down, which I most certainly do not.
    There are many days in the week that anyone's articles may be posted, and it isn't unheard of to see double-posts on in one day, so the thought that Al's articles (which usually go up on a Tuesday) could have delayed Steve's (on a day that Kevin's articles usually go up) never even crossed my mind.

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