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My cat playing fetch!

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  • My cat playing fetch!

    [ame=]YouTube - George plays fetch[/ame]

    He's almost like a dog sometimes, it's creepy. His brother prefers to maintain his feline dignity.
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    Re: My cat playing fetch!

    Oh my gosh!!! That's great! I've seen cats fetch before....but, your's actually hunts for the ball of paper! That's adorable!!!!

    Wish I could teach mine that. Right now, he's too busy flipping out and running around the house like a psycho.


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      Re: My cat playing fetch!

      Too cute!
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        Re: My cat playing fetch!

        I had one that used to do that, except it was beer bottle caps that she went after, hunted and returned.

        Glad to see there is more like her out there!
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          Re: My cat playing fetch!

          that is too cool
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            Re: My cat playing fetch!

            One of my cats used to do this with hair ties, but I guess she got tired of the game because when we throw them now she doesn't return them . Your cat on the other hand is SO cute and very smart!


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              Re: My cat playing fetch!

              One of our cats does that, but only with his white mouse.
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                Re: My cat playing fetch!

                My cat Chandler does this too:

                [ame=]YouTube - Chandler the Fetching Kitty[/ame]


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