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Happy Birthday Belle!!

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  • Happy Birthday Belle!!

    Just wanted to wish a very happy birthday to the love of my life. I know your Birthday isn't until tomorrow, but since we will be spending tomorrow at the Happiest Place on Earth, I figured I should do it tonight.

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

    Let's take a walk down memory lane:

    Who would have known that when we took this picture over 14 years ago (the day after our wedding) what our life would become

    We have two AMAZING kids

    We've shared MANY adventures

    You've given a lego captain a lap dance

    We have AMAZING friends

    Through everything we've been through for almost 15 years we have always been by each others side. And I love you VERY much and hope you have a VERY happy Birthday!!!

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    Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

    With such well wishing by her beloved, how could she not have a terrific day!

    Let me add my voice to the upcoming chorus of wonderous "Happy Birthdays" coming your way, our dear Belle. Enjoy yourself.

    Might I take terrific pictures. Your whole family does.

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      Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

      aw, how sweet Clinks!

      Happy birthday Belle! I hope it's truly wonderful!


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        Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

        Awww! What fantastic pictures! So totally cool!

        Happy Birthday Belle! May you have a most magical day tomorrow!

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          Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

          You picked a winner Gregg.

          I wish you the happiest of birthdays Kristi. Looking at all those pictures you've got it all, great looks, a loving husband and 2 wonderful kids.




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            Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

            Happy Birthday, Belle!

            Love and best wishes to one our favorite people on Earth!

            Much love, Rick and Lu.
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              Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

              Happy Birthday Belle!!

              I honestly don't really know you [[at all]] but looking at your pictures it seriously looks like you've aged with beauty. I love the darker hair on you.

              Anyways..back on topic LOl.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a great day at the happiest place on earth! [[only two days before christmas how cool]]

              EDIT: I just noticed something, you and my brother's fiance share a birthday.


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                Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                Happy Birthday!!
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                  Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                  hey kristi,

                  happy birthday.

                  in fact, heres a gift for you......


                  love ya.

                  jason from ridgecrest. (disneyfan07)


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                    Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                    A very Happy Birthday wish to a beautiful lady with a wonderful family!!


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                      Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                      Happy Birthday Kristi!


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                        Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                        Happy Birthday Kristi!!!!I am wishing you the best for the upcoming year.

                        I love all the pictures!
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                          Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                          Happy birthday, Kristi! I hope you have a fabulous day.

                          I would like to know how it's possible that you've gotten more and more gorgeous as the years have gone on. Not that you didn't start off that way, because you did. Nice! :thumbup: Hope to see you soon!

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                            Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                            Here's wishing you an absolutely wonderful birthday day with your family and all those that you hold dear in your heart.
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                              Re: Happy Birthday Belle!!

                              Aww, happy birthday, Kristi!
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