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Spring is here--time for Roses!

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  • Spring is here--time for Roses!

    I hope everyone else is having a glorious spring! Especially you fellow Mice Chat rose gardeners!

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    Re: Spring is here--time for Roses!

    Soo pretty. My roses aren't doing to bad this year. We had lots of rain but I didn't get them pruned this winter like I usually do. Got a few nice blooms though. I'll try to get some pictures later.

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      Re: Spring is here--time for Roses!

      My Disneyland Rose just started to bloom. Our whole rose garden is gorgeous right now!

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        Re: Spring is here--time for Roses!

        we are still to cold for much blooming. We have a lot of new growth though and one very small disney rose. I will try to get a picture later if it's still there. We have workers in the backyard right now and it's to bright for me to go outside right now.

        We do have honeysuckle in bloom though.


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          Re: Spring is here--time for Roses!

          Here's a few more...with a stretch of warmer weather, spring is busting out all over!

          From the patio:

          I've got aphids on the patio! Argh! Time to head out to Home Depot and score some ladybugs.

          For you Orson Wells devotees:

          This bush has been badly neglected, but still is producing. I need to get to it this week and try removing as many of the diseased leaves as I can.

          More to come! There are still about another 10 roses working their way up to bloom.
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            Re: Spring is here--time for Roses!

            It's been cold and rainy until yesterday. So no roses!


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              Re: Spring is here--time for Roses!

              Here's some more beauties for your perusal; and please, folks, don't hesitate to post some of your own as they come in!

              I do absolutely nothing to this one, and it keeps exploding!

              This one is either Sisters of Glory or Disneyland, I think it's the former

              Finally, a look at the front yard non-patent bush as it explodes


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